What is the right way to hold chicken to expel vomit

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    I think we have a hen with sour crop. Her crop was soft and squishy and fairly full first thing this morning before feeding. I am not ready to try the vomit thing but have given apple cider vinegar and chick feed, some finely chopped greens with a bit of canola oil on them. I have done some research and of course think I've done most of it wrong. lol. "No oil for sour crop and withhold food" I also read garlic is good and yogurt is too. Somewhere I read wine could help. Thats what she had first thing. Two sips of red wine. lol. Then I realized I might end up with a drunk chicken (and the sugars can't be good for her) So I realized that ACV should take the place of wine. Wish me luck. I didn't know about withholding food. She ate the chick feed and greens like they were going out of style. I was so happy to see her eating good. duh. I hope tomorrow to see improvement anyway. Nystatin is my next guess?
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    Did you ever try the Nystatin? I know this is an older post but I'm dealing with a chicken who's had sour crop for nearly 2 weeks now - she's become a house chicken because I can't stand putting her out with the others & seeing her get worse. Her diet is consisting of garlic, kefir, raw egg, red wine & coconut oil. I'm out of options at this point!! I withheld water for 24hrs & food for 48 with very little change in the crop size (still as big as a golf ball), now it's gigantic (she's 12 wks old & it's at least 1/3 her body size. Any thoughts?
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    There is a great article by Twocrows on here about sour crop that you will find helpful. If you go to learning center tab and look in articles it is the top one I believe. I have only dealt with sour crop twice but both times an epsom salt drench cleared it up quickly. It is described in the article to add to drinking water. My one bird wasn't drinking much so I mixed 1/2 tsp epsom salt in 1/4 cup of water and slowly srynge fed her. It worked quickly. Good luck!
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