What is this breed?


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Jan 19, 2014
oregon city OR
This chick is bizzare, it is black with a white face . its father is a genetic mishap and its mother is a black austrolope. Has anyone ever seen a chick like this?
The father is supposed to be a blue laced red wyandotte, but he turned white and has light brown spots.He also has no tail feathers, he looks like a hen with a rooster face and he crows.
I think he is adorable. There is a Spanish breed with a white face and it's very attractive. Your chick may grow in entirely different colors as he matures.

Welcome to BYC!

He is adorable!! Love the face...a penguin face. Keep us posted as to what he turns out to look like as an adult!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Cute chick, will be interesting to see how he feathers out. Do you have a picture of the father?
Welcome to BYC - the chick is a very cute 'barn yard cross'. Basically it is a mongrel that will become an attractive addition to your flock.

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