What is this duckling?


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May 21, 2019
I cannot for the life of me figure out what this grey colored baby is standing in the water. They're about 3 weeks and I got them from TSC. 2 Pekins, the 1 in the back is probably a Rouen, but this one in the middle just doesnt look like any I've seen. Anybody have any ideas? It's driving me NUTS.


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Based on the face and markings not a rouen unless it's mixed.
Doesn't look like a cayuga. Not a crested/pekin/sax. Maybe khaki-rouen or khaki-mallard mix?
The one behind it is definitely rouen/mallard. guessing the yellow one is a pekin
Definitely no Muscovys in this bunch. For certain pekins, a rouen/mallard (not sure which yet), and then this odd duck out. I was also wondering if it might be a golden 300 but I've never seen them in person before so I'm just not sure. I guess it could be a mix? It's our favorite, whatever it is.

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