What is this eye problem?


8 Years
Apr 13, 2012
Southwestern PA

Does anyone know what is wrong with Alvin's eye? Also, what kind of chicken is she? She is almost two months old and sweet as can be but in the last couple of days has had her right eye closed more and more. She can open it but doesn't open it much. She has been getting red around her face (maybe part of the breed I thought) and I'm thinking maybe someone pecked her. I brought her in but she cries to go out with everyone so I keep taking her back out and then going to check on her. What do you think? It's shiny from some antibiotic cream I put on it.
It looks like an injury. She should be OK with time and antibiotic ointment in the eye. Hopefully the injury is just limited to the lid and not the eyeball, but even if she loses the eye she should be fine. I have known several one-eyed birds in my time. They learn to get around the loss.

I have no idea of breed. There is not enough of the bird showing to make a guess.

Good luck.

Eye problem continues . . .does anyone have any good ideas? So this started maybe a week ago. At first it was just closed and I could see the regular eyeball in there. I put neosporin on it. Three days in I bought something called VetRx thinking maybe it was eye worm even though I have no idea where she would have gotten that. I read that some people can force pus outta something like this so I tried to sort of massage it but I haven't been able to get any puss to come out. You can see in the second picture that there is almost a whitehead growing above and to the left of her eye. She is drinking well--eating okay but not that much food because I've switched to organic and none of my chickens are eating that much--seems like they don't like it. She hatched on April 9thish and is from McMurray. She shipped with a batch of 25 and no else has anything. I had one other chick the same color as her who had a closed eye at day 5 ish but I separated her and hers seemed to heal within days. This one I was more attentive to--maybe I did this with the triple antibiotic cream? I've been rinsing with saline and using the antibiotic cream until I read another thread where someone was saying that the antibiotic cream might do it to the bird. I just don't know. It seems like if this yellow slime would just come out of her eye she would feel better but the slime seems pretty attached. Tonight when I was working on her eye, she did sneeze but I've held her probably an hour everyday (she is lonely being separated) and she has no rasping, sneezing (other than tonight), etc. I have seen her open her beak like she was yawning three times (not in a row all on different occasions) in the last two weeks. What do you all think?
Since it has happened with a couple birds at this point I am thinking you may have the start of a respiratory infection in the flock.

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