What is *THIS*?! Frankenchicken



10 Years
Aug 24, 2009
Hi folks, need help with this strange little creature. I hatched my own polish, EEs and threw in some purchased EE eggs in for good measure.

Fast forward 6 weeks from hatch and I have this creature. He’s MASSIVE and towers over the other EEs, he’s the weight of 6 Polish the same age and...well...the obvious. He’s naked.

Don’t know if he’s from my birds or purchased eggs but my birds have never produced anything like this before out of hundreds of chicks I’ve hatched (BW Ams over F3 EEs).

Any idea what he is and why he’s so naked? TIA!!

ETA a closeup of him a few weeks ago
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He’s got thick green legs and his head and mullet are feathering out in a brownish ticked pattern. Dunno what else he could be. He’s giant tho.

:eek: Don't think he's an EE (leg coloring), what feathering he has is the color of your Polish in the picture, so maybe a Polish. Was he always "different", from hatch? Maybe he's some "mutated" Polish?

There was a thread on some mutated Ameraucanas (What's Wrong With Their Feathers back in 2009).

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