What is this?.......graphic pic.


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Apr 30, 2008
We just had some chicks (buff orpington) hatch and the chick in the picture hatched completely on its own, but had something attached to it's bottom. I thought it could be the yoke that did not get completely absorbed, but my son thinks it could an internal organ that developed outside of it's body. Another one of our newly hatched chicks stepped on the sac and the chicks claw poked a hole in it. Some yellowish stuff slowly came out, which kind of looked like the stuff that came out of the other eggs. The chick is very active this morning, as much as it can be, because we have it separated in a little container. What do you think it is and do you think it will die?

Well, here is the picture of the newly hatched chick with the attached thing on it's bottom.




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Mar 8, 2008
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. I am not experienced enough to even guess. Hold tight, someone here will be able to tell you something, soon, I hope.

If you don't get an answer soon consider changing the title of your thread. Maybe chick in danger....graphic pic? Good luck.

Edited to add...Boy I must be a slow typist. There were no responses when I started!
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