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My 3 year old barred rock has been breathing heavier for a few weeks now and sometimes sounds wheezy. She sometimes has sneezing episodes and lately they have ended with wheezes, which the video shows the tail end of. Has anyone seen this and know what it may be? I took her to the vet and xrays showed some lung abnormalities and he could hear some crackers in the lungs when she breathes. Otherwise she’s doing pretty well and acting pretty normal. She was sent home with augmentin and that’s almost finished but she is still having the breathing episodes maybe once a week, and now a second hen is starting to wheeze. The vet also recommended an aspergillosis but since it was $300 I wanted to try the antibiotics first, but I don’t think she will be back to normal in 2 days when the meds are done. Has anyone seen this or know what it may be? I will call the vet next week and have the aspergillosis test done, but just wondering if anyone has ideas what this may be.
Having trouble posting video...let me try again- see below
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The video won’t upload. Basically it’s a series of wheezing/ gagging/ choking that is repeated rapidly maybe 5-10 times. She also open beak breathes a little when laying on roost at night. I will try again with the video, unless videos can’t be uploaded
You can upload to YouTube and then link the video here.

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