What is this spot on my duck’s beak??


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Jul 22, 2021
I have a four month old, female pekin duck that developed this strange spot on her beak a few days ago. She lives outdoors with four other females in a large fenced area. The whole flock has constant access to water dishes and a stock tank for swimming. They are fed flock maintainer and daily veggie scraps along with whatever they may forage for. They are put in a small pen with a coop every night. Please help me figure out what this is.
I’m not experienced with ducks but I’ve heard and read many articles explaining how beak spotting on ducks are normal and just happens. It could be from digging or slight bruising. Keep an eye on your duck, and if you see she is getting other and stranger symptoms you can take her to a vet and try and treat the bump with antibacterial cream. For now I wouldn’t worry unless she acts off or you see other ducks peck her

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