What is this worm in water?


Aug 12, 2018
orlando florida
I didn't recognize and want to make sure it's not dangerous to my chickens as they have been drinking the water around. They just wiggle around and not move anywhere. They are for sure wiggling it's not water current
I can't make it out. But stagnant water with worms swimming in it wouldn't be something I'd choose to let my chickens drink. I'd get rid of it and provide clean tap water in a clean tub or waterer.
I can't get rid of it. The backyard flooded there is TONS of water
Not really possible to tell, there are a lot of things it could be. In any case, I doubt these worms are parasitic to chickens, I wouldn't worry about them.
Horse hair worms are COOL. People bring them to their vet quite often because they think it came from the dog, they see them in water bowls. I want these to be horse hair worms. :)

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