What is this??


6 Years
Mar 29, 2013
This morning when checking the humidity and eggs I noticed a strange looking thing (indicated by circle) on one of the eggs. These are to replace the button quail that were no good. I looked at it but can't tell and I'm hoping someone else may know. To me it looked like a beak poking through, but they have two more weeks to go.

Upon receipt, one was leaking and smelled rotten, another was thrown a few days later for the same thing. I don't believe I will be using this seller again. Sorry about the poor quality photos.


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Sniff the eggs. If it stinks toss it.

It may be the beginning of one that's starting to ooze.
I went home at lunch and sniffed the egg, no smell. Looked at it closer and didn't see anything oozing so I decided to see if whatever it was would come off or move. Whatever it was fell off. Have no idea what it could have been. There's no hole, crack or anything else. Guess I worried myself more than I should have with the issues I've had already.

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