what is this?


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Aug 17, 2009
Cut n Shoot Texas
5 day old chick with one leg stretched out stuck........

when I set him up correctly..... he tumples over and stretched it out again. Then I noticed he did it with both legs....

he died.....

I am cleaning the entire area.... I did not notice any unusual poop or any other symptoms....

I was sick myself yesterday and all the chicks were fed and watered with minimal attention. I was cleaning out the brooder when I noticed this little guy.

What is this> Are the rest of the chicks doomed?

rancher hicks

Free Ranging
13 Years
Feb 28, 2009
Syracuse, NY
No , if you are new to chicks these things can happen. Watch the others and see how they behave.. Just make sure the water is clean, ALWAYS, even if you have to clean it a hundred times a day. Nothing but starter for the next few months. While treats are nice they aren't necessary. Use treats sparingly. I rotate water containers and let them sit open on the counter to evaporate the flouride. Clean w/ hot water. They get slimey. Keep the bin/brooder clean. This is why I use bins. I can keep one clean. Move them to the clean one and then clean the dirty one and have it ready to make the switch. Wood chips are nice and warm. Don't put chicks into cold woodchips.
Keep your chin up.

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