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Sep 22, 2013
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my now 3 day old chick was pecked out of her shell on hatch day by mommy hen.. when I took a look, chick was cold and hard and what I believe was taking her last few breaths, mommy hen was still pecking chick, as chick had egg shell stuck into her skin and was bleeding from the behind area, not her vent, I microwaved a blanket and took chick in home with me so she wouldn't be alone and cold and pecked, I was prepared for her to go to chick heaven so I wanted her to be comfortable, my little fighter would not sleep for no one or nothing.. I put her under a heat lamp, when I watched her I noticed she had not fully formed, her left side of her body was extra weak, her top beak was not fully grown.. she could only open her right eye.. she looked so comfortable so I left her alone.. after 3 hours my fighter had both eyes open and was chirping but still unable to support herself in any way, when she was breathing there was a clicking sound...I tried her with some fluids, water, sugar and a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar.. 7 hours past, chick was still fighting so hard, she was starting to fluff up too. now on day 3.. chick is frequently taking fluids, stopped the clicking noise when breathing, she is very curious and nosey, she pops her head up when she hears a strange noise, she calls for me when she hears me.. she can regulate her own temp by moving from warm to hot sides of the brooder when she needs, I mushed some chick crumb and she pecks at it, out of curiosity only. she stopped staggering and acting 'drunk', she can steady herself.. I have seen major improvements. I have gone from nursing her to chick heaven to watching her and helping her fight every second.. There is a very long road ahead of me yet if chick keeps up the strength.. I could not sleep all night as I read that chick can absorb the egg yolk up to day 3 and that could be what is helping her fight. I have so many concerns but I have seen so much good come from her, except for one thing, her bum area is black, it was much more black on day one, so I think it might be improving too

.. I am thinking that when mommy hen pecked her and she was bleeding, from cuts of the shell too that she bleed inside too and that's causing the black..it was quite hard to get a good picture but I hope from this picture someone could help me, as she is lovely and fluffy, I had to wet her bum a little to get the colour to show.. any and every bit of advice will be greatly appreciated. thank you.

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