What is too cold!?

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    I purposely purchased Rhodies and Plymouth Rocks because they are hearty breeds (plus I'm a New englander!) bred for the cold. Today was the first time I went to the coop/run and they were in the coop (VERY cold and windy today). I have a homemade heater that keeps their water from freezing. I am going over to put some petroleum jelly on their comb/wattles. It is supposed to get down to -1. I have covered their windows to prevent the cold wind from coming in.

    I guess I know that they are fine because every time I check them when they're on the roost their feet are warm. I guess I just need reassurance that they are okay in the cold. I think I am doing everything I should be doing and from all I know they really don't need a heat source. I guess I am wondering if there is anything else that might be good to do or if I've done everything I can.

    This is their coop sans run...sans snow!


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    They'll be fine. I have both those breeds and it was -4 last night. No issues, no frostbite, nothing but normal-normal behaviors and about 80% laid today. Do you cover up ALL the vents on the coop?
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    And I add.... they still need ventilation, frostbite is caused by high humidity. If you cover up all the windows/vents at night be sure to open something during the day. If I go into my coop and it stinks, there's not enough ventilation. I'm in CT and all of mine did ok today too. They did spend most of the day in the coop, coming out twice for water until I felt sorry for them and put an additional waterer in the coop.

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