What is wrong with baby chicks?

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    I just rescued/bought 4 baby Silkie chicks(2 6weeks/2 2 month olds) They look small and the worst part is many feathers are missing and on the larger chick around the eyes and back there are no feathers and looks crusty a white color, the other ones have some of this crusty white stuff on them, but not bad, alot of missing feathers though. I don't know if this could be lice or lacking nutrients. They were all together with alot of other chicks though. The bigger one eats and drinks, haven't seen the others do it yet. Any suggestions on what i should do at this point? They will not go into the coop, until I know what is wrong.I took pictures but don't know how to post them.
    Thank you
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    you will need to upload your pics to a photo hoster like photobucket (free account) then once uploaded you will see several URLS underneath the photo you have upladed...choose the first one and post it here. Then highlight and click on "IMAGE"
    Add electrolytes to the waterer (feed store will usually have DURVET) for four days and get a good general supplement to add to their feed . Keep an eye out for signs of cocci (ruffled feathers and looking "chilled" )
    Keep them in a warm temperature stable area to make all as easy on their systems as possible.
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    Sounds like mites or lice to me..I would dust them with DE or Sevin dust and keep them away from the others till you see feathers starting to grow back in...also dip the beaks in water and their feed. They might not know how to eat or what it is. I got a duck once that was missing his feathers and dusted him really good and in a week or so the feathers started comming back and the mites were gone. Good luck

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