What is wrong with my chick


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6 Years
Mar 5, 2017
9F2EE024-8190-4B68-AAAE-411D9F15680D.jpeg B4CAF92A-EADE-4F33-9A07-9C66018E6D40.jpeg 4A0F7367-0B83-4062-A756-7AEC0D60AD4E.jpeg hi I have a almost one month old chick and I noticed that her belly does not have any feathers and her crop is mushy and it’s the end of the day. The other day I had a chick that would not move and had a squishy crop and she died and I’m hoping this chick does not get the same thing I never got to find out what was wrong with that chick so I don’t know if my other chicks can get it or not please help she hads a squishy crop at the end of the day her is some photos of the belly thanks for your help
It's completely fine that the feathers on the tummy haven't grown in yet, the will eventually. I'd only be worried about that if the weather is cold.
The squishy odd feeling crop makes me think they have coccidiosis I'm sorry. It's the most common thing for the little ones to get sick with. Could you send some photos of the poo?
My chicks had coccidiosis a few weeks ago and I noticed their crop felt squishy too, the only other symptom they had was lethargic. But after treatment they recovered. I'd suggest you treat all your little ones too since you had a chick die just the other day
i did feed them medicated feed at first but has they got older i did not think they needed it any more so i took them off what do i treat them with thanks for your help
No worries, mine were eating the medicated chick food when they got coccidiosis, so it doesn't entirely prevent it anyway.
I've heard the best and most effective treatment for it is Amprolium. I just used whatever the vet gave me but it was a super expensive bill lol
I'm not sure where you'd be able to find amprolium, you might be able to buy it online or a pet supply store. I'd suggest giving it to all your chooks because they will often have coccidiosis for a few weeks and not show any symptoms until it's nearly too late

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