What is wrong with my chickens?!


Jun 23, 2022
Would someone be able to help me? I’m a newer chicken owner, my flock is a little over 1 year old. They’ve been great and really healthy until recently where a few of our Rhode Island Reds have bald spots and just look ratty in general. It could just be molting I guess. It’s been like this for around a month to a month and a half. Also, some of our Buff Opringtons have a few symptoms. Ones comb is very pale and has a little scab and one has poop stuck to its butt.

I’ve thought maybe it could be avian pox or mites. I looked for mites and didn’t see anything and I could just be being dramatic about the avian pox thing haha

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I wonder if you have a space issue on the roosting bar. It looks a little like nighttime feather pulling by a neighbor.
How big is their house?
Scabs on combs can also be a sign of tight space & pecking order.
Poop on the butt can be the start of vent gleet. First I would try washing the hen in a bucket, fill it up so the back end is soaking, use a dot of detergent. If she stays clean after that you're good. If not, do a search for vent gleet, the treatment is easy.

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