What is wrong with my chicks?


7 Years
May 15, 2012
Middle Tennessee
, Could someone please help?
I am at a lost with what is going on my chicks. March 23, 2012 I became the proud protector of four Maran chicks (two black copper and two blue copper).

Last week, one of the bcm became ill. My husband found it in the bottom of the pen, when he went to turn them out. It looked healthy but was puffed up as if it was cold. I put it on a heating pad, tried to feed it and water it but to no avail it died.

Yesterday, I noticed one of the blue coppers lagging behind the others. The others are running chasing bugs but this one was standing still or slowly walking, occasionally pecking at the grass. When we put them up for the night, it was on the ground while all the others were on the roost. They are 7 1/2 weeks old. I don't want to lose anymore chicks.

Is this a breed disorder? Does anyone know? Neither chick had a runny nose or anything out of the ordinary other than the sluggishness. Then they die within 24 hours or even sooner. Thank you so much for ANY assistance.
Sorry for the circumstances. Is there any blood in their feces? My first thought is coccidiosis. Are they on medicated feed?
Thank you for the replies. I did not see their poop. They are free ranged. The first chick was found when it remained in the pen when we turned them out and the second I noticed late in the evening. It became less and less active. I had it inside with food and water(with vinegar). It died first thing the next morning.
I thought the feed was medicated but after taking a second look, I don't believe it is. I am going to get some that I know is medicated. And I plan to worm them again. I hope that will keep me from loosing any more.
Thanks to BYC and everyone helping each other and God Bless.
coccidiosis?I had a 7 week old chick that was standing around feathers fluffed as if it was cold.(80) plus degress outside.showed no interest in food or water.the next day i found blood on the poop board.i treated my whole flock of ten that same day for cocci.i'am still not sure which one had left the bloody poop.that was over three weeks ago and as today they are all thriving and doing good.their was a big improvement in the one i suspected that had cocci in a matter of a few days.i treated with corid.

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