What Is Wrong With My Hens Head?

Apr 11, 2019
My hen has lost the feathers of her head near her comb. This originally happened about a month ago, and hasn't really gotten much worse. There are no red spots, so there are not sores that I can find. Is this the result of a "frisky" rooster? I know that this hen is the one he chases the most. The one behind her in the one pic, with a small spot near her comb, appeared a few weeks ago. He tends to chase her alot too. Thank you for any advise on what it may be, how to treat it, or if I should be worried.
Roosters do tend to pull out feathers around the back of the head sometimes when they hold on for mating. Other hens could also be pulling out feathers. This is also a time of year that we see chickens molting, and losing feathers in the coop.
My rir was bullied once and another hen pulled out a lot of head feathers. It was in the winter and honestly thought bc the flock might’ve been bored but that shouldn’t be the problem yet. But if you have a rooster then they can pull feathers out during mating

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