What is wrong with my limping chicken?

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    Apr 28, 2014
    About a week ago I noticed my lavender orpington hen limping while walking around the yard but she was still able to get around so I didn't think much about it. Also, she's very fat, a lot bigger than my other chickens. Well this past week we have had a lot of ice and snow and ever since she hasn't been coming out of the coop while others weren't at first but now are. I thought maybe she just didn't want to come out but now she is not even coming down off the roost at all. When I hold food up to her she starts eating it which also lets me know she is coming down to eat out of the food bowl I put in the coop along with water. We looked at her foot yesterday and my husband said it looked like it was out of socket, not swollen. But noticeably different from her other foot. I am going to take her off the roost and put her in a cage by herself with food and water. I'm also gonna look at her foot again and try to get a picture. Also, I need to give her a bath since the other chickens have pooped on her from the top roosts. SO any suggestions on what she could have wrong with her foot? Could it be because she's so big? Also any tips on giving her a bath? I read somewhere not to use Dawn on chickens but that is all I have and then hand soap. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! I will update once I get some pictures of her foot. Thanks!

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