What is wrong with my quail chicks?!?!


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Apr 11, 2016
We hatched out 11 coturnix quail from eggs our quail had laid one week ago. One was weak and died a day after hatching so but we still have 10. About 2 days after they hatched I noticed one had a slightly crooked neck and everyday that goes by it gets more crooked and there is a definite bulge on the side of its neck that my husband says looks like a tumor almost. That quail does just as good as the others it just looks pitiful. Today though I noticed another chick with a neck going a little crooked! What is going on?! I have done nothing different with these quail than I have with my others what could be wrong with these chicks?!


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Oct 25, 2015
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I 3rd the wry neck. Have had it with my pheasants but not with my quail. Do a search on here and you'll find some treatments for the condition. I just cull mine when they have wry neck.

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