What is your average?

Mine were around 3 lbs.

ETA: This was around 8 wks. I should also add that I let them out to free range during the day, so they got more exercise than normal...that's probably why they weren't as big.
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May I suggest placing the age at which you process with the weights! I would appreciate it. LOL

We processed ours at between ten and twelve weeks and the range was eight and a half to thirteen and a half pounds. That is dressed oven ready weight. There may have been some a little smaller or a little bigger. We didn't weigh them all. Just most of them. Next time I am going to process some for cornish game hens, some for fryers, and some for roasters rather than all large roasters like we did this time. Was served a cornish game hen the other day. It was so delicious I decided I wanted to process some of those for myself. We raised ours on turkey feed. I don't know if that makes a difference.
Mine average 5.5lbs at 7 weeks. Smallest, a little less than 4lbs, and the biggest 6.5lbs. The majority of the last 33 I did were right at 5lbs. We have figured out this is a great size for our family. They are big enough to roast and small enough to cut in half and grill. Some we quarter. I take the bone and skin off the breast, and leave the leg quarters as is. Plus, a 5 pounder will still fit whole in the vacuum sealer bags.
From Townline hatchery: 6+ lbs at 8 weeks 3 days

From Meyer Hatchery: 5 lbs at 8 weeks 3 days

Colored Rangers: about 5 lbs average at 12 weeks.

All were raised in a 10x12 pasture-pen.
I know it's not dressed weight, but I weighed one of mine today, live. It was exactly 7 weeks old and weighed 6lbs 12oz. The darn thing crapped all over my leg as I was taking it to the scale, so it probably lost at least 4 oz judging by the mess on my knee.
I can post a dressed weight after I process, probably this weekend.
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