what is your best way to get chickens back to the coop after free ranging


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Jul 7, 2013
I have a coop of just roosters that is somewhat on the small side because I planned for them to be free ranging. They have been in this coop for two weeks now because they refuse to come back after free ranging. They try to roost in trees and will not be herded back to the coop. They are scheduled for a trip to freezer camp in a month and I want them to be really healthy. I'm starting them on fermented feed which will be available every other day or so. What time do your free rangers normally return and how to you get them all back home when you're ready for them to go to bed? Keep in mind, my roosters are aggressive and will not be chased or herded.
if you have a run you can trap them in connecting to the coop, I would feed them there and only in the evenings when you want them to come in. Once in shut the run door. They should like the highest roosting place, if that is in the coop you will have it made.

for herding have you tried spraying them down with a hose to help direct them in? or a spare piece of lightweight pvc pipe spinning in the air like a color guard professional?
I do the PVC method, gently beating it on the ground in the direction I don't want them to go, or the bc (border collie) method. I love that dog. She does anything I ask. But that's only if I have to gather them in a hurry before sundown. Normally, they all go in at sundown and I just count chickens and close the door. I believe mine are all hens, though, so they are pretty docile. And, they only "free range" in my yard. Have you tried giving them an evening snack in the coop `right before the desired bedtime?

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