What is your favorite breed?

What is or are your favorite breeds?

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Sep 5, 2020
I didn't mean to buy her, but couldn't resist when I saw her amongst some other breeds I was buying from a breeder. I just love her neat conformation and clean yellow legs. She lays well and goes broody once or twice a year which is fine by me. And very sweet natured.
Lol in September we went to Wilco to get supplies and ended up buying six chicks 🤣


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Oct 21, 2020
Love my EEs, but i'm going to have to go with my cochin bantams. So sweet and pretty!
I used to have a mottled cochin bantam named Penzie who followed me everywhere and would sit on command. Was a great mother hen also. Not the best egg layers but I think they make up for it.


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Jul 15, 2020
I have White Leghorns, an Olive Egger, Partridge Rocks and Production Reds.

For egg production, White Leghorns hands down. They’re not the nicest hens but they let me pick them up without any issues.

Overall I would say my favorite is the Olive Egger. She’s nice and seems to be the smartest hen in the flock. Plus she just started laying beautiful green eggs.



Apr 15, 2020
Nova Scotia
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Cochins for sure from what I’ve had, though I also enjoy my silkie hen, Faverolles and wheaten ameraucanas too! I have one Marans pullet that is quickly claiming a close second to the Cochins. Plus, am excited to raise a couple more breeds next year (Hedemora and Bresse).

Too many breeds and too little time!


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Oct 16, 2018
Lawrence, KS
I just LOVE Speckled Sussex! I COMPLETELY Recommend them to anyone not sure of what breed to get- not only are they good layers, friendly, and have a calm and sweet tempermant but they have so much personality and are just all around the FRIENDLIEST chicken breed I have ever kept! I have a chicken named Joy, my last original chicken of the flock who is a Speckled Sussex that absolutely adores people! She talks to you with clear sass, and she looks at you like your crazy when you mimic her sounds. She also is just a stubborn little thing that lets nothing stop her! When her SS sister, Poppy has sour crop, we used two horse stalls as chicken coops. One for the healthy chickens and the other one on the other side for the sick chicken Poppy. Joy made it her daily goal to go over to Poppy’s side, by climbing over the rafters and flying over the wall that separated the horse stalls, at least once a day, and once she brought over a frog! Poppy passed away later that year but It was so sweet to watch Joy try and cheer her up! Joy also survived an EXTREMELY serious case of EYP late this summer, and when we gave her the medication it took three people to do so 😂 she was so strong and the vet just loved her. She refused to let the EYP take her down so she fought it and certainly enjoyed the pampering she received. After recovery she continues to be that sweet little girl, who doesn’t mine being picked up and will always come up to new people like a little cat! She enjoys chasing frogs, lizards, and even scaring the barn cat! I just could go on and on about how wonderful this breed is, and I hope someone hears Joy’s story and considers trying the SS to!
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Have to agree. Sesame, our Speckled Sussex is the sweetest and friendliest hen in our family. Love them all, but Sesame is special!

Chick-n-duck mom

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Aug 30, 2020
Love our Tetra Tints. Great layers and very sweet and gentle. Our Tetra, Zoe, is the head in the pecking order, and she’s a quiet but personable leader. She spends time in our house. She’s so good that sometimes we forget we let her inside. I love our RIRs and our Golden Comet. Have two EEs that are sweet. Two Isa Browns, very curious and nice. All lay an egg every day without fail.

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