What is your Year around weather?


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Jul 9, 2008
Well Im looking towards the future and I kinda want to move up north for college since all the ducks seem to be up that way but Id also kinda like to stay south since Im a summer person. Im not a big fan of snow simplybecause I cant stay outside for more than five minutes init without my back aching.

SO! Tell me about your weather.


Central Alabama

Spring - Perfect , crisp yet smooth (Baby Power!!!)

Summer - reaches the high 90's with limited rain

Fall - Perfect. A little chilly but like the kind of chilly that makes you want to snuggle on the couch with your pup and a good movie.

Winter - Low 50's to 30's , light snow ( Enough to make snow men though )
western Va

spring-rain with some warm days perodic frost untill memorial day
summer- 80-100 usually humid
fall- some cool nights with days usually between 65 and 80. frost in october
winter-variable, some are mild and some are cold
Spring: wet and snowy
Summer: wee bit snowy
Fall: windy and snowy
Winter: super duper snowy

Nah, just kidding ya.

We are blessed with 4 great, distinctive seasons; things are always changing, it keeps boredom away.

Spring: usually arrives in April with budding trees and flowering bulbs, occational snowfall and 40-50 degree weather

Summer: typically 70-80 degrees, a few days of 90's

Fall: breathtaking fall colors, 30-60 degrees most days

Winter: snow starts by Nov-Dec and lasts thru March, vast majority of Christmases are white, can get as low as -40 but most temps are 10-25 degrees
SW Arkansas

Fall - beautiful, temps in the 60s-70s.
Winter - cold, dreary, little snow, ice storms are not unheard of
Spring - short and rainy
Summer - there is a hades on earth
Spring: nice and sunny
Summer: pretty hot
Fall: nice and sunny
Winter: nice and sunny, one or two gray days

In SC its just like yours just a little cooler in the winter. We only really have 2 seasons. fall and summer. You know either hot and humid or cool and muggy!

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