What is your Zodiac sign?

Campine Lover

9 Years
Mar 7, 2010
Moss Beach, CA
I'm a Sagittarius! I was just reading about my traits, and a lot of them are true. I love adventures, freedom, thrills, and sports. I do the craziest things for fun, which is also true about my zodiac. I hate being cooped up, being doubted, and being told I'm wrong. I do things my own way, independent, and I'm fun and good natured. I also love dangerous sports and all wild and unusual animals. I hate tight clothes? Umm.... wierd but true.
How about you? Are you true to your Zodiac?

I really dont know much about the zodiac traits. I was taught that the whole zodiac thing goes against what we are taught in the Bible.
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jojo@rolling acres farm :

My Mother AND Husband are BOTH Virgo's...WHAT was I thinking?!

You poor thing...

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