What kind is she?


9 Years
Apr 5, 2014
North East PA
Got this one from am auction some time ago. She was raising 5 guinea chicks. She is definitely a broody hen. She is now sitting on 8 chicks we picked up.
1. What breed is she?
2. Is this breed known for being broody?
3. Would like to breed her, any suggestingions on a breed of rooster to use?



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Ok Many thanks I was thinking she was a "mutt" She has been fighting with a "True silky" looking hen recently. But that is now over. I was considering trying a cage with the silky and another hen we have I suspect as being broody.
Classic Silkie cross, likely mixed with Cochin.

These are very well known for their broodiness.

Rooster selection depends on what your looking for in the chicks. For example... If your wanting good broodys, then breed to Silkie or Cochin bantams. If your wanting free range or barnyard bantams, then breed to Old English Games bantams. If your looking for weird, interesting, or unique offspring, then breed to Polish bantams, Sultans, or Turkin Bantams.
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