What kind of bird is this?


6 Years
Sep 9, 2013

This is Goose. I got Goose after a raccoon got into the yard and killed all but one of my Americauna chicks. I was looking for 4 chicks and ended up with an Americauna, 2 Black Australorps and Goose, but I have no idea what Goose really is! If anyone knows or cares to venture a guess I would love to hear it!

'Goose' is a cockerel and may very well be a game cross of some sort.
Hello and Welcome to BYC! Well, I am fairly sure Goose isn't a goose, I was helpfully going to mention there is a Goose Forum, but looking at him I don't think they could help you either.
He sort of looks like some kind of game bird, like the Shamos etc maybe, hopefully somebody who knows them can say. How old is Goose and how big is he? Where did you get him?
Thanks for the replies!

I know Goose isn't a goose! I just call him that because his voice is changing and it makes me think of a goose (he was nameless before). I was thinking he might be a cockerel since his saddle feathers are growing in long and narrow like my big boy (Speckled Sussex). Do game birds tend to be smaller? When I got him he was about the same size as the Australorps, and now they are both bigger than he is.
Sorry Goose, it was just rather funny to me since I using a computer where the picture loaded slowly and was half paying attention as the text appeared first and kept seeing the word "Goose", so I was all ready for a goose goose, think I looked at the picture of Goose for a good five seconds trying to turn him into a goose, before I realized that was his name. Game birds come in various sizes, from bantam to really really big. He reminded me of the Japanese/Asian game fowl because of his comb (I assume it is not dubbed).
http://www.feathersite.com/Poultry/BRKChickensD-O.html Is the Feathersite breed page for D-O chickens, there are a bunch of breeds listed under Game Fowl, note that the show standard requires roosters to be dubbed, so a lot of the pictures show that, most breeds seem to have single combs if they are allowed to grow.
http://www.feathersite.com/Poultry/Games/Shamo/BRKShamo.html Is the Feathersite page for Shamos, he obviously is not one at his size, I don't know what all the smaller versions are called off hand.
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So, I showed a picture of Goose to the local farm supply shop here and the guy working the counter says he is likely a Blue Breasted Red Cubalaya. I've seen some beautiful pictures of roosters this breed and I can't wait for him to grow!

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