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Sep 27, 2012
ok so I raised 52 chicks in a cardboard box and when it was time to clean it all up (because the moved into the barn) it made a huge mess, so I was just wondering if there are any other ways/boxes I could use for future times?
Raised my six in a brooder box I made out of some 2x4 welded wire fencing and a few old window screens. The floor and lower sides were made of a thin hardboard I can't think of the correct name right now. Put pine shavings about 4 inches deep for the bedding. Just got rid of the shavings and actually recycled the hardboard on another project. The actual frame is out in my storage shed waiting. I've heard of people using watermelon boxes for larger numbers. You must have had a really big box for that many.
You can put a tarp on the barn floor and your shavings on that. Then a circle of cardboard, tall enough that they won't fly out at first.

When they start getting out take the cardboard away. Presto! Be sure to check temperatures under the light to make sure they can stay warm enough. Make sure no drafts exist (keep the cardboard circle small enough to keep drafts away).

I like brooding in chick n hutches, with plywood or plexiglass added on the sides to make them draftproof. I put the metal catch tray on top of the wire floor to use shavings at first. The only thing is they aren't terribly durable if left in the elements, and you have to loosen the screws to get the tray to fit inside. They won't fit 50 chicks, either.
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I put plastic down (like heavy plastic mulch or something) in our rec room and use plenty of litter in the bottom of the box. When it's time to move the chicks outside, I move them, then just gather the edges of the plastic together like a huge sack and dump the whole mess on the compost pile and clean off the plastic for the next time. Not too hard, no mess, no expense.
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Not to be dumb, but how long did you have them in there. Weren't they smooshed as they got older.
We built a pen in the garage until they were feathered out, and it was very dusty.
Well about 2 weeks but it was fairly roomy in there, but the boxes just fell apart.
I am raising my 18 chicks in a large wire dog kennel (reinforced with chicken wire). It works great, has a pullout poop tray, and allows for complete visual access. That plus they are in-expensive, makes for a great in-home brooder. You can position the heating lamp on any side and the cage can be moved easily.

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