What kind of chick is this??

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    Hello all!
    I am new to this thread and fairly new to raising chickens. About a month ago I chose an adorable chick from my local feed store. She was in a cage labeled "assorted bantams." Of course, she could be a cockerel and not a pullet. Her name is Ethel, and if "she" turns out to be a "he" i still love "her." Anyway, she's about 5 or 6 weeks old and tiny. She has a crest and very pale legs, almost kind of a purple color. At first I thought she could be a red crested red polish but I am pretty convinced she's a mixed breed at this point. Again, the only thing the people at the feed store told me was that she was a bantam, they didn't know the breed and they didn't know the gender. I purchased Ethel along with another chick, Henrietta, who could also be male. In which case I would rename them Ethan and Henry. Pretty sure Henrietta is a sultan, but still unsure about the gender. Any help identifying the breed/combination of breeds is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much! LOVE being a chicken mom and have stalked this site so much it was about time i joined. Ethel is on the left, Henrietta on the right. Thinking Henrietta is a sultan but definitely need help identifying Ethel's breed. Thanks again for your input![​IMG]
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    They surely can be mixes, but sultans for sure. One has more furry legs than the other. ( I refer to it as fur, but I know its fluffy feathers). They look very cute.
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    Ethel is not a Sultan or a Sultan mix as she is lacking the 5 toes and feathered feet. She could be a polish or polish mix. Henrietta is definitely a Sultan. Lucky you!
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