What kind of chickens are these?


9 Years
Mar 4, 2010
Colbert, WA
Ok don't laugh at me, I dont know much about breeds of chickens. Any ideas?
The Orange one Is a Buff Orpington, The Middle One is a Splash Cochin, and the Gray One is maybe a Blue Andalusion
Agreed I see yellow legs on the buff not peachy white so Buff Rock Splash Cochin and Blue Andy she will be your white egg layer
The Buff chicken is a Buff Rock, the chicken with feathered feet is a standard splash cochin, and the blue chicken is a Blue Andalusain. They're all hens. They are pretty!
Wow you guys are awesome!! I would have never figured it out. I should probably add that I am new to chickens (if you couldn't already tell) and just got the girls yesterday. A lady I know just had to many and gave me these. She said they are about 9 months old, and are supposed to be laying. Only have had them for 2 days and no eggs yet. I kind of figured it would take them a few days to adjust to the new digs.
How long should I keep them in the coup before letting them out and about (free range) that is what my Mom always did with her chickens. I defiantly have the space here on 10 acres with no neighbors.
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