What kind of chickens did I hatch?


Aug 26, 2016
The Palmer Divide, Colorado
As over looked over posts I realized that even though I knew hatching my eggs I would be creating "mutt" chickens I learned that by having specific breeds certain things would be a given. So I would like to know what if anything I can expect from my chicks.
Of 6 eggs, 3 hatched and all 3 chicks look the same with 1 exception, 2 appear to have a single comb the 3rd a rose comb. That being said all 3 are black with a little white on the top of their heads and 1 has some white on its neck. Feet are yellow with black on the front side.
So now what I do know-
Rooster - Cuckoo Marans
Hen 1 - White Plymouth Rock
Hen 2 - Speckled Sussex
Hen 3 - Silver Laced Wyandotte
Hens 4 - 6 - Production Reds

Since my SLW is the only chicken that has a rose comb am I'm correct in believing the chick that appears to have a rose comb is hers?
And is it possible that even though the White Rock is a yellow chick that one of these is her because the black comes from my Marans roo?

Any imput on this would be much appreciated. It has no bearing on anything I'm just curious how it all works as all my chickens have been breed with a matching breed until now.
Thanks and I look forward to your thoughts. I'm only including the photo for reference but did not think it would help, if any photos at such a young age would help just let me know and I'll take some. They are 2 and 3 days old.


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Nov 17, 2016
Yes the rose comb chick is from the wyandotte.
The spot on their heads is the barring gene. All chicks will be barred since the father is a cuckoo.
They are black from the father. Black covers almost everything.
Rooster is also a marans so id expect the pullet chicks to lay a little darker brown egg then their mothers do.

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