What kind of chickens do I have??


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Sep 27, 2010

These are my darling girls! Penny in the front and Annie in the back.

When they were colorful peeps at Easter the feed store told me that Penny is a Ameraucana and Annie is a Sussex. Here is why I ask...I have been getting brown eggs and so I thought they were from Annie. Though, every time I go out to the coop to let them out for the day Penny is the one that looks like she is having them??? Then I thought maybe she is just sitting on the egg because she is such a busy body girl. When I get them they are very warm and wet, like she just had it! Now I'm thinking maybe she is not a Ameraucana!! What do yo think???? Oh, one more thing! I'm only getting one brown egg every other day.

Thanks for your help!
:::::DISCLAIMER:::: I am brand new to chickens, so I have no clue what i'm talking about.

Annie looks like a brown leghorn to me.

Americauna/EE can lay brown eggs.
Penny looks like a red sex-link (aka red star, cinnamon queen, etc) - she'll lay brown eggs. Annie looks like a brown leghorn and will lay white eggs.
i agree the one with white earlobes is definetly a light brown leghorn and the other looks like a red sex-link to me and she will lay brown eggs and the leghorn will lay white eggs
Penny is a Red Sex-Link (aka Cinnamon Queen, Golden Comet, Red Star, Gold Sex-Link, etc.), and will lay brown eggs. Red Sex-Links are considered by some to be the very best layers of brown eggs, BTW.

Annie looks like a Brown Leghorn, and she'll lay white eggs (white earlobe=white eggs). By her large red comb, I would guess she'll start laying any day now, probably by the end of next week.

They're both really pretty girls!
Penny is beautiful, I love that white in her hackles. Really shows off that great red colour. I can't say the breed on her but I agree with everyone else that Annie looks like a nice Brown Leghorn.

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