what kind of chicks

Amy Murray

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May 30, 2017
Looking for a bit of help, I hatched chicks a couple of weeks ago, in the incubator I had 3 types of eggs - Speckled Sussex, Scotch Dumpy Bantam and Splash Orphington.
I only had 3 hatch and I think I have hatched one of each breed but was just looking to confirm this,
I have a feeling the sussex and ophington are the 2 sitting on me and the bantam is the one on my partner.
I have a feeling the bantam is a cockerel as seems to be a lot bigger than the other 2 chicks and tries to fly all the time.
Any things I can look out for to try and sex them.


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I have also noticed that the black one seems to have an overlap on the beak, it seems to sit slightly squint and the top part of the beak points more to one side than straight forward

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