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There are a lot of types of chickens with feathers on their feet. Do you have (or can you take) any pictures that show the chicks from the side, as well as their combs and feet? That would be really helpful. Also, could the bin have been labelled "bantams?"
hopefully you can see these pic.


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Looks like a partridge-coloured and a white-coloured, standard-sized, Brahma. Or a Cochin. Do their combs stick up, or are they flat? It looks like the partridge one has a straight comb, but I'm not sure.
they are about a month old
I'm not quite sure what you mean, but I think you're saying that the chicks don't have very large combs because they're not very old?

There are different kinds of combs that look very different on baby chicks. I'm asking what kind of comb they have, as Brahmas have pea combs, and Cochins have straight combs.


These guys have pea and rose combs, as are labelled in the picture.


These guys have straight combs.

I hope I didn't completely misunderstand your post and am actually providing useful information.
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