What kind of chicks.

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    [​IMG] that video is so funny! Good luck with the chick id [​IMG]
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    I saw at least 2 red sex link females. They are the blond ones with the faint stripes on their backs. [​IMG] Love 'em!

    Also saw some barred chicks, probably Barred Rocks. Black with white spots on their heads. You can color sex them to some degree, females will be generally darker with a smaller more defined spot and a dark wash down the front of the legs. Males are lighter and more silvery with a large irregular head spot.

    The Ameracauna's are probably actually Easter Eggers. You can read all about that scandal by doing a search here. Hatcheries sell mixed breed chicks as "Americauna/Arucana's" a mispelling and mislabeling shame. But still very nice chickens and will probably give you some nice colored eggs. [​IMG]

    Very nice healthy looking chicks, have fun with them! [​IMG]
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