What Kind of coffee do you make at home??


10 Years
Apr 29, 2009
I'm a coffee hound. I drink it most of the day at work. And at home in the mornings....and on the weekends about all day... especially in the winter. I usually use a 100% columbian of some sort....and lately I've been getting Dunkin Donuts regular blend..and I like it real well...I grind the beans and I use a regular drip coffee machine, but I do have a press pot....

So, what do you make at home??
We use Maxwell House, I think Columbian. Our coffee after living in New Orleans is a bit strong for some. It is on the thick side, you definitely can not see the bottom of the cup.
Since I'm a flight attendant, I usually buy my coffee in Germany (where I'm from), but if I can't get there for a while, I buy Melitta Traditional Blend at Publix or WalMart, because it's the closest thing I can find to the smooth, finely ground German coffee I love.
there is this organic coffee at Costco that is so delicious. Ahhhh I want some but then I won't sleep. Does anyone else have that problem?

San Fransisco Bay Certified Organic Rainforest Blend-that's the name.

I also grind it fresh every few days. Mmmmmmm I like it loaded with sugar and french vanilla creamer.
That's the way I like it, too! And black, no cream or sugar.... My parents never let me make the coffee at their house....they say it's way too strong...but I can hardly drink the stuff they make...

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