What kind of container do you use for grit?

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  1. Came back from a trip to see that the Tupperware dish we'd wired to the inside of our pen had fallen apart. Wondering if there is a better way. I found this on Amazon - does anyone use these?


    Our pen is basically chain link but 2 ft. of hardware cloth reinforcing it so I think we would have to use wire to secure the hooks. Maybe just stick with Tupperware?

    I could just put a dish in the pen but they would probably tip it. Maybe that's okay, tho? They would still find the grit.
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    Oh my goodness I just went to the thrift shop and bought a bread loaf pan for 50¢. Then I just nailed it to the wall. The lip of the pan provided a nice tip to the pan. Mine is inside, but if it was exposed to the elements I drill a few holes in the bottom so the water would drain out.
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    I use an old round sardine tin (the sort that holds twice as many sardines as the standard rectangle tin), the type that has the pop top so that the inner rim isn't sharp.
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    I use a 40 ounce pail for Poultry Grit and another for Oyster Shells. 20181214_095753.jpg . I drilled six 3/32 holes in the bottom to drain moisture. 20190611_093006.jpg . I removed the handle and hung them with eye screws. 20180718_091524.jpg GC
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    One for grit, one for oyster shell (shown here)
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    Your grit containers are so much bigger than mine! Mind you, my five chickens have full access to my volcanic rocky, clay rich, and sandy soil so I don't typically supplement their calcium (Only one of the five is laying and she gets hard boiled egg now and again as a treat, shell and all), but I do supplement the calcium for my quail... hence the sardine can.
  7. These are all such great examples! I also only have 5 hens so just need a relatively small container. But i’ve just decided if I end up with a pail, I’m going to write “True Grit” on it :celebrate
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    Oh that's hilarious! :lau
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    Mason jar with a metal chicken feeder base.... the screw on type with the holes.... I usually use them for baby chicks feed
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    I use these for grit, oyster shell and microwaved crushed eggshell.

    They're very affordable. They attach securely to hardware cloth. All that aggressive pecking and billing out never disturbs them. And they're easy to refill.
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