what kind of dog is good with chickens?


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I have to get rid of my husband puppy, she is 6monthes old and a mix of different herding dogs...But she has cost me probably $75 in Waterfowl and poults. So here is the question we need a herding dog and are considering another Corgi which kind the Pembroke which had in the past or a cardigan is going to fit in on our place better? We have waterfowl, Chickens and Turkeys. I appreciate any advice on this matter as I am very upset at the moment.
Don't give up too soon. Any breed could be good, but a 6 mo. old puppy is going to need lots of guidance. I know how upset I was when my son's Pit-mix killed 5 of our 7 pullets but now she protects our flock.
ANY breed is going to take some/a lot of effort to be okay around chickens, and from what I've heard/read, many will have a couple "oopses" while learning, even if by accident. I have also heard that herding breeds may not be the best, too high a prey drive? I don't know from personal experience though. Good luck!
Our lil' Boston terrier hasn't hurt any chickens. He isn't much good for anything but he is good. He sometimes tries to bite their tail feathers but they don't take him very seriously. He is a happy little guy who loves to please. He doesn't bark much and is pretty smart. He is always looking for ways to make us laugh.
Any dog will take time and patience so why not stick with what you have already been working with. My dogs are much older (7 and 4) and have done surprisingly well beings they kill cats and just about anything else. They have not touched one chicken. If you have already invested six months in your dog I certainly would not give up. I have heard of beating the dog with the dead chicken and someone on here posted tying the dead chicken around the dog's neck. I have never personally had to do any of this so I don't know how well it will work. Perhaps you could only allow the dog to be around the chickens with you until you earn his trust.

Good luck!
Hotdogs are the only dogs good with chicken...

All others require intense training.
I got our chickens this spring, started free ranging them a few weeks ago. We have two Shi Tzus one 5 and one 6 months old. They were curious and chased the hens. The first time the rooster flogged them they amazingly have stopped chasing.

I also have a Brit (hunting dog) who is trained for field work in doves and quail. I put off letting him loose until this week or kept the hens up when he was out. I (we) finally got enough courage to let him out, I put on his shock collar stood next to the chickens with a broom and had DH let Nicky out. Nick came and sat down next to me wagged his tail at the chickens then laid down!!!!! He has not shown any prey drive towards any of them. I think he knows they are ours and now he even tries to keep them in his sight and out of the tall grass.

It may take a lot of work to train the dog, but so worth it. You can't let him out unsupervised or even off lead till understands. A shock collar used correctly works great, but you really need to know how. We just tone Nick now and he corrects himself.

What kind of dog is good with chickens? Hmmmm... anything that goes with dumplings, I guess.

My formerly chicken-killing dachshund got his butt whooped by my rooster, and then the Cayuga drake followed up on that lesson. Now Zorro (the dog) avoids the ducks like poison and walks cautiously through the yard with his tail tucked under his body when the chickens are out.

(He would chase the young chickens, about 8-10 weeks old, and got so excited when he cornered one he would grab and shake 'em. For months I supervised him extremely closely around the chickens and made sure he couldn't sneak into the run when I opened the gate to go in, myself. Then I chained him up when I was working in the yard. I think the combination of chickens growing up to be much bulkier, standing their ground and NOT running, plus the humility of being chained for the first time in his elderly - 11 years - life, AND the thrashings by the rooster and drake all served to teach him to leave the chickens and duck alone. I'm still careful with him around the bantam breeds, because they are much flightier and will never 'grow up' bigger than the dog.)

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