what kind of heat lamp required!

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  1. hi,
    im getting cayuga d. on mon. or tues. and whanted to know what kind of bulb is needed to brood
    suggest down below!! [​IMG]
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    Jan 11, 2010
    What age are you getting? No great need to spend big $$ on a special heat lamp. I use small clip on lamps in my brooders. They have a halogen globe in them and give of plenty of warmth for a small number of ducklings. If I have a larger than normal number of ducklings I just add on a second light. Here in Australia I can buy the lamps for $15 each. They have a moveable hinge so you can direct the light as needed too. Straight down for more concentrated heat- or on an angle for less direct warmth.
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    I use regular white light bulbs from 2 feet above. That off with 100 watts and go down as they need less of it. A little warning about the large 250W red bulbs. Not only do they use a lot of wattage then can pose risks. They can and will explode if they get water splashed onto them. They can also set bedding on fire. Plus they tend to burn out so much faster. You can also get one of the ceramic heat disks from the pet store. They sell them with the lizzards and snakes. They are pretty safe. No need for red light, like for some other birds. Ducks prefer blue lights, not red.

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