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  1. abritton77

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    Jan 9, 2011
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    Does it matter what kind of light you use to entice chickens to lay? Also wondering about the cayenne pepper trick. We had pretty nasty weather for the past couple weeks and it has shut my chickens down. Only had 1 that was laying very well before that. I bought some 20% laying pellets today and hoping that helps.
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    Are these young birds? I have used just a regular light bulb, for a couple extra hours in the morning. The days are getting longer- I think you will see an increase in production soon!
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    Nov 29, 2009
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    Quote:I have tried the pepper trick many times over the course of the last year and haven't found it to be helpful. But as for the light, it needs to be white light... so not the CFLs (unfortunately) The light DEFINITELY works. They need to have more than 10-12 hours of light. Im in AZ and right now the sun is up and actually over the horizon at 730. I keep a light on out there until around 9-930 when I go to bed and it absolutely helped. I had 3 chickens laying in a matter of one week, and I hadnt gotten any eggs for almost 2 months!

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