What Kind of monster have I created?


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7 Years
Mar 16, 2012
North Carolina
For about three weeks now, my black silkie has been sitting on some eggs. I thought for sure none would hatch, but of course, today one did. So the mother is a full black silkie, father is Rhode Island Red/Buff Orpington cross. Ever heard of it? Seen it? Thanks!
Dunno, but it ought to be interesting.
Please post pics for us to enjoy.
Pictures please!!! Unless you are like me, and haven't quite figured it out yet! lol mine are always sooo small! ;) Can't wait to see the little monster!
Haven't hatched yet, first batch none were fertile, however another hen is sitting on some, and I KNOW hers will be fertile.
You said in your first post that one hatched, didn't you?
I have a silkie/cochin/black orpington pullet. She's got black skin, beak, comb, feathers. A 5th toe fused to her forth. And a little beard and muffs. She also has very big eyes.

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