What kind of rabbit is this?


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A very pretty one
Lol i know that doesnt help but all ive ever had are rescues, so unless its a dutch ( which s/he is not ) im no help here lol
It could be a new zealand. They origonally were red, but the colors have expanded to white (the most common) Red, black, and broken. Im sure there are other colors now but I do not know of them at the moment. Very pretty bunnie
If this were a purebred black New Zealand it should not have the ticking on it's coat that it appears to have in the picture. Check out the Silver Fox it seems to look a bit more like your rabbit. I have seen it crossed with New Zealands for color variation and for meat production when both breeds were readily available. Not saying I'm 100% right here as far as breed because of the possibility of cross bred rabbits and miscommunication between breeders to each other from misinformation themselves. It looks gorgeous either way nice looking rabbit.


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