What kind of rooster?

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    We have adopted 5 red sex link hens. They are 2 1/2 to 3 yrs old. I do not know at what point they stop laying. We would like to get a rooster for them. We want one for protection, to help produce chicks, good egg laying breed, and one that would complement the characteristics of the hens. Any suggestions?? I am looking for a well-mannered, colourful rooster. We have a brahma and a silkie rooster ...and they are both delights to behold!! (separate pens)
    NOTE: I am not looking to continue the sex-color link.
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    I would not expect sex-linked hens of that age to lay too many more eggs. Generally, the sex-links are "laying machines" for about two years and then they are spent. They may lay an occasional egg at this age, or may be done all together.

    I love my roosters. They treat my hens nicely, allow for fertile eggs and keep an eye out for dangers. But be aware that a rooster is as much a prey animal as his hens and other than being a lookout and calling an early warning to the hens, he can't do much to protect them. If a predator such as a raccoon, fox or coyote gets in, he will be as vulnerable to being killed as the hens.
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    Pretty much any production based rooster will give you decent laying chicks. Beyond that, it's a matter of color and individual temperament of the bird. Roosters should be a dime a dozen on CL or similar this time of the year. A young cockerel raised by those older hens should do well to give you fertile eggs later this summer.

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