What Kind of Shelter for a Miniature Pony?


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Sep 1, 2019
We are considering getting a miniature pony for our daughter. We live on about half an acre and our property is fully fenced. I have quite a bit of horse experience but none with minis. My question is what kind of small barn or run in shelter would we need to build or buy for a miniature pony? Keeping costs down is important but we obviously want our pony to be comfortable and protected. Thoughts?
My Husband built my little shelter/ catch pen for my mini.
He built a simple roof and it has a gate we can close to catch him.
We got free apartment balcony fence panels and then my husband bought the plywood to do the roof..
I have built simple hooped stalls & run--ins with cattle panels or combo of pallets & CP. lots of different roofing materials that can b used.

During Hurricane Florence - this one is 50" deep & about 5' tall. The pony mare is approx 38" tall at the withers - https://photos.app.goo.gl/89DPGKFgAcCm5uPV7

Shed - same idea? 8'x12'x6' tall - https://photos.app.goo.gl/pc9azVFef5DQmSrT8

A different shed. The size is slightly smaller the 1 above... - https://photos.app.goo.gl/rAiZckbZx12UCtbb8

I want a hoop tall enough I can stand comfortably if working on mini or cleaning.
Welcome to the world of VSE! We had Quarter Horses and Paints for some 40 years until I couldn't ride anymore. Since it is super expensive to keep horses here, I went into miniatures and have never looked back. You will go from buckets and pound measurements to cup and 3cc syringe measurements. I could go on and on of all the fun I have with them. Anyway, since our winters can be pretty harsh here i had my husband build me a couple of smaller 3 sided shelters. The first one was 4 feet tall and since we both hit our heads every time one of us tried to clean it. Second one he built 12 feet high by 20 feet long while I was at work. I got home and looked at the framing and just said,"Honey, that is a bit of overkill. We also divided it when my little mare was close to foaling, and enclosed the front except for gates. It had worked great and the snow doesn't blow in and fill it. Both were wood and white roof panels, not real cheap. Then the mini's decided they liked the big horse shelter. In another field we had a Shelter Logic top that we put on the ground and it created the perfect hoop shelter for them. $150 on sale. Another we use on panels in front of my mini barn and mini hitch rail. It comes in handy for everything. So does my miniature patience pole. I have everything in miniature size that big horses have.

Lil Beginnings .com Your best source of everything miniature


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