What kind of snake is this?

That is a garter snake. Be careful because it was recently discovered that garter snakes have saliva that can cause swelling, burning or itching if they bite. In some people it can cause flu-like symptoms. Google it. It is really interesting. :)
Most snakes have mildly venomous saliva but not all. Gopher snakes for example have absolutely no traces of venom at all but garter snakes and hog nose snakes have just enough that a bite can have symptoms such as the wound not coagulating very quickly so a bite might bleed more than it should. Most of these snakes are completely harmless. :)
Yup. Looks like a garter snake. It's kind of neat I just saw this now. About two hours ago, my brother spotted a snake about that size curled up with our naughty cat sitting nearby. We already knew it was a yellow-bellied racer, so my brother picked it up and checked him over for any wounds. Poor critter was in shock. I'm just so glad our guineas didn't get him. Sorry for hijacking your thread, by the way.
I love snakes.

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