What kind of turkey is this?


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Jul 4, 2012
Can anyone tell me? Additionally is there any way to tell how old a turkey might be? This turkey is a rescue who was left taped up in a box for a couple days with another tom. At the new rescuers house, the toms were not getting along, so I took one off her hands - but she, like me, knows nothing about turkeys.

I have him eating the same diet as my chickens and he gets all the goodies they get as well. Fruit, veggies, oatmeal, FF and so on.

He wont sleep in the coop, and stays on top with no cover from anything. I have one whole open side of the coop for him to go in by himself when the rest go to bed. I put up a roost about 4 ft and he still wont sleep in there.

He just now is starting to come within 2 feet of me without running - I AM THE MASTER TREAT HOLDER. That must be why!

I'd like to know what he is though if you can tell.

In this below photo - I had just put 3 new girls into the pen and he is doing something - I don't know if he wants to attack or her to be his girlfriend. He was much better today. I saw none of that.

Best guesses, since I am by no means an expert:

Probably bronze, maybe a cross. From what I understand, mine are bronze crossed with eastern wild.

Maybe 4 or 5 months old. He looks about the same size, or maybe a little bit smaller, than the ones I got in July. (they were already a couple weeks old, but the guy I got them from didn't keep track of hatch dates) I don't see any spur bumps in your pics, so he's definitely somewhat juvenile.

He was kind of displaying, may not have gotten fully puffed up, in the 1st pic. Sometimes mine do it just to do it, sometimes they do it because they feel threatened, sometimes to let everybody know that they are the boss. (When they're just being bossy, they cough.)

My guys leave the roost to the guineas and chicken, and just lay on the coop floor. They may need a wider roost, maybe a 2x4 flat-side up, because the feet are so big.

If you want him to go into the coop on his own, you will probably have to physically put him there at bedtime, lock him in. After a few days, he will probably start going in on his own.

Again, these are just my thoughts based on the two that I have. Hopefully someone with more experience will chime in and either confirm or correct me!
I'm pretty sure unless I trap him somewhere I can't catch him. The side of the coop I want him to go in is 8X10 open side connected to the coop which is also 8X10. So he's got this whole open dry side to himself, but still sleeps on the roof in the freezing cold sleet and snow we had last week! I even had to go chase him down during hurricane Sandy - at 10:30 at night!!!!

I looked up some breeds and I think he's a black spanish tom - that's the one I see that resembles him the most.

It's good to know he's somewhat young - but after I've read great things about having turkey's with chickens and some not so great things - I'm on the road to confusion. How is it I never get off this stupid road?
You might have to construct a temporary holding cell for him in the coop side you want him to go in.

Easiest way I've found to get turkeys to go where I want is to herd them up against something then grab em. Herding them is fairly easy, just get 2 long sticks and keep them to either side of the turkey (make a "V" with your body as the point) while walking the way you want him to go. You may have to tap him on the side if he veers off course.

When you grab him, hold him against your body, under your arm - he will kick, so hold him with his legs pointed out. (voice of experience here...)

The road to confusion is short and straight. Unfortunately, the road away is long and winding. I have not had any problems with my mixed flock, but then again, the chicken does her own thing and pretty much ignores the others. The guineas, however, are like annoying little sisters to the turkeys. They follow them and then tattle tale on them.
Guineas sound like such funny little creatures. Now I'm going to have to research them!
It's color is much like a black winged bronze. Is it iridescent? If not, it is more likely a black based turkey with something else in it. I haven't played with black turkeys so I am not sure what would create the observed patterns. If it is metallic, I would go with the black-winged bronze.

Based on the short beard, I would guess it is this year's bird.
I mean it doesn't look green or any other color so I don't think it's iridescent. Just has that tan on the end of the few rows of feathers. Everything else is black.

So, he doesn't have spurs - will those eventually grow? Will he be able to fly like wild turkeys?

The gal who gave him to me tried to cut his feathers before he came here. There was one that fell off that was meaty and had some blood coming out - gross. I'm going to let them grow in, and if he flies away okay - but I'm wondering if he'd be able to live with wild turkey's if he did take off?
we have wild turkey here in southern Quebec that look and behave like the one you describe
Goblin House, our wee farm animal refuge, has a sweetie names Fairway like this,

make sure what the rules are in your area in case he has some fun blood,
I'm guessing he's a Black Spanish mixed with something else..maybe Narragansett or Bronze? Judging by the feathers on the back? Either way, looks mixed to me. Black Spanish are solid black I'm pretty sure. He's a beautiful bird, and I would definitely say this years judging by his snood. In that first picture it looks like he's being a little aggressive. I notice our toms tend to do that when they are about to duke it out. Sometimes they do that to the hens though too..so can't be certain.

And as far as catching him. Wait until its dark out. They can't see very well at night.
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Man i soo want a Turky but they eat a ton!

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