What kind of turkey??

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by farmerlor, Sep 12, 2009.

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    I bought these birds from a guy who got them from Welp. Welp only sells Hollands, Midgets and BB whites. Since they're laying eggs and obviously not big enough to be BB we'll rule that out. They're rather stressed and while they seem healthy their feathers are thin. They all have the little black spot on their chests which Tattoo, my Midget does not have. They seem to be about the same size as Tattoo though but perhaps they haven't been fed well? I'm hoping they're Midgets of course though I think the Tom is about the ugliest bird I've ever seen.
    Anyway here's the pics, first up is my Midget Tatto and the Bourbon Rosie just as comparison. Tattoo is one of Steve's birds so we're talking high quality bird here.

    The next pics are of the new turks:

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    Those look like Midget Whites. My Toms all have a black spot which is actually a beard. None of my hens have the black spots.
    I bought mine from a hatchery so they are probably not a high quality breed. Maybe the black spot is a trait of a quality bird.
    My Tom is beautiful except when he molts.
    The midget whites are great. My hens will lay and set their eggs. I keep them penned until they hatch then I move them to their own pen and contrary to what some people say, the hens are great moms.
    Looks like the bottom picture is a Tom.
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    Oh, thank you! I actually found the black spot on my other Midget. Feel like an idiot but he's got such beautiful thick feathering that it's been hidden this whole time. Yes, the pic on the bottom is the new Tom. I'm thinking they're Midgets too. They just aren't big enough to be Hollands.
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    The main difference between the MW and Hollands would be weight. The Hollands are solid birds and should be heavier then the MW. Also the Hollands legs will be thicker. Even as poults you can pick them up side by side and feel the difference. The Hollands are big boned so they feel heavier. Also the Hollands get their beards earlier then the MW. How old are them? And how old is Tattoo?
    Good luck and let us know.
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    The new birds were hatched last May and started laying eggs in March. Tattoo was hatched this March. The new Tom weighs just about the same as my Bourbon tom Rosie who was hatched in March of this year.

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