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Im trying to figure out what all I can use for the floor of the coop, wood wise. Im on a budget so the least amount of $$ the better. Our coop is going to be 12x12. I was also planning on buying cheap vinyl tiles to cover the floor with as well. Could I use OSB boards? And maybe prime them really well? Also what would be the best thickness for the floor?
You will find half the folks on here bought brand new wood to build their coops and the other half used scraps and stuff they scavagened from construction site dumpsters. Some of them used exterior grade others cheap particle board. It's all personal choice.
I'm currently building my coop and I installed 1/2" treated plywood under OSB for my sub-floor to help protect against any moisture from under the coop (very low to the ground). I primed the OSB and of course that evening we had a small shower and then the next few days we had major storms and when it was all done, the OSB has areas that are buffin' up. I can see I'll probably have to install 1/4" under-layment down on top of the OSB before I install the vinyl floor-covering.
Would it have been different had I had a chance to apply a second coat of oil-base primer to the OSB before the rain came? I would think so, but the rain caught me at the wrong time.
Also, if I had an unlimited budget, I would have went with plywood instead but for what they're asking per sheet... I had to go with OSB.

Sub-floor material should be based on several things:

1. Budget (with the prices of wood products these days, most people are on a budget)
2. How close to the ground will your sub-floor be and is there a high level of moisture in the area. Air flow is the key to having a sub-floor last outside, if your coop isn't elevated a foot or more above the ground, it could hold moisture under the coop which will lead to joist and the sub-floor failing. Also, keep in mine any untreated wood close to the ground invites a certain wood-eating bug that none of us want to see attack our coops.
3. How long do you want the coop to last? 5 yrs. 10 yrs. 15 yrs more?
Is your coop floor at ground level or raised up a foot or so? Like River Lizard said "How long do you want the coop to last?" I think I would try and spend a little more now for good plywood rather than have to redo later. Just my .02$
I've read that the individual tiles don't work very well. Its hard to have all the seems tight enough to prevent water leaking into the base material (OSB). You often can get linoleum scraps from a hardware or carpet store very cheap. It would be much easier to install and more waterproof.
If your area is well drained I would use an earth floor. IMO they are the warmest in winter and the coolest in summer. In my case I use earth with a layer of wood pellets on top. I clean about once a year and add some fresh pellets.
OSB.... oriented strand board......its the stuff that looks like it is made out of big wood chips glued together. My floor is green treated plywood, just some extra I had lying around at the time.

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