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    May 1, 2009
    I hatched out 12 chicks 4 weeks ago, 11 first gen Olive Eggers (FBCM roo over EE hens) and 1 for fun chick (FBCM roo over California White). I knew when the FBCM/Cali White hatched that it was a boy, had a HUGE comb. He has sense proved this true, his comb/wattles are large and red especially for only 4 weeks old. Well as I was looking at my OE chicks, I started counting the red combs vs. flesh colored combs. I counted 9 red and only 2 flesh. So that means I potentially have 9 OE Roos and only 2 possible pullets. So out of 12 chicks I have 10 that is TEN boys and only 2 girls, 83% hatch rate of boys vs. girls. WhatÂ’s up with that? [​IMG]
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    Yah, I'm adding to my "collection" of roos, myself. [​IMG]

    Cute boogers when they come out of the shell with combs, though. Makes it really easy to keep an eye on 'em right away.

    Wish I had better luck finding homes for 'em.
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    Aw, that just stinks. [​IMG]
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    Quote:[​IMG] X2!!!!!!!!

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