What makes a blue bird?

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    Jul 30, 2008
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    In order to get repeat blue chicks, do both hen & roo need this blue trait?

    What types of blue are there and what is 'self' blue?

    I have two 'blue' roos and one pullet that are mutts - crosses of BLRW roo and either Austraulorp or Black Star hens -not sure...

    Can the roos (or the hens, for that matter) be bred to hatch blue chicks?

    Here is one little guy at 4 weeks:
    Is he going to be anything special or just a special mutt?
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    I think both traits have to be carried by the parents...My MCB Polish hen was bred to my White Sultan rooster (both hatchery stock) and the offspring was a Self blue hen. [​IMG] I wasn't expecting it, really, so I guessed that both partners had the blue gene with them. Someone correct me if I'm wrong...

    Can't help you any further than that if I'm even halfway right...
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    Really sad songs on the radio...those sappy chick flicks...just about anything will make a bird blue...

    I also think blue bird is the maker of the school bus...

    Oh not that...sorry

    blue is a trait that is along the lines of black in a simplified way! Depends on the birds background what you will get when mixing the blacks and blues...blues together should throw all blue...black and blur you get splash. black and blue...blacks you get black and blue...I think...fairly sure I am wrong on the black and what they give you

    Self blue is a dilute gene...you only get self blue by breeding self to self...it gives some cool shades to other colors!
  4. Sonoran Silkies

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    Generally there are two types of blue: andalusian blue and self blue. Self blue is also called lavender as that is the name of the gene.

    Andalusian blue is incompletely dominant: two copies is splash (BlBl); one copy is blue (Blbl). Splash much come from both parents; blue comes from only one, although both could carry it.

    As seen in the US, blues are invariably laced, although in other countries you can find unlaced blues. Your birds are laved blue (Blbl).

    Lavender is recessive--the bird must carry two copies for the gene to show (lavlav). THerefore, each parent must contribute a copy.

    There is also the dominant white allele smokey (I^sI^s) that can create a blue appearing bird.

    Since these are three unrelated genes, a bird could be any combination of them--not just either or.

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